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Food Invasions {ants+weevils}

First, how to get rid of ants from a package of food once they’ve claimed it as their own:

Take whatever the package is and pour its contents on a sheet of wax paper (or whatever else you can find – even a plate will work).

Leave it in direct sunlight for 15 minutes while monitoring it.  All the ants will disappear!

A trick to remember about ants is that they don’t leave anything gross (like flies which vomit on your food).  They just take stuff away.

They also hate sunlight and heat – which is why they disappear.

So, you can then put the food back in the package, and reseal it in a Ziploc (if you have one) or in a bag of some kind and store it in your ant cabinet.

This trick comes in handy particularly after the first rain in the rainy season when ants invade everything and the integrity of your ant cabinet has been breached!

Another gross fact: the same is true of bed bugs (which DO exist): Beat your mattress vigorously outside with a four foot piece of bamboo (both sides) for a few minutes.  Have fun with it – act like you’re Jackie Chan!  Then leave it sitting in direct sunlight for a couple hours.  Bedbugs too hate sunlight.

Next: weevils in your flour.

Get a piece of window screen and create a sifter out of it.  Pour a few cups of flour into it (as needed) and sift it into a bowl.

You have to be quick about removing the sifter though, as the weevils wiggle their way through to drop into the flour again if you wait even a second.  Be quick about dumping them out and stepping on them!  Then you can sift another scoop – one at a time.

Posted by Rick | Cayman Islands & Thailand



2 thoughts on “Food Invasions {ants+weevils}

  1. oh good… I need to de-ant the neglected bag of sweet tamarinds I just bought.

    Posted by Steve | October 18, 2010, 6:33 am
  2. Woa The instructions about ants and weevils were a little much for me. The recipe for the cupcakes sounds good and I will try it. Thanks

    Posted by miriam mitten | December 6, 2010, 3:22 am

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