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Baking sans Oven

Here are two suggestions I came across recently for baking without an oven…

(1) Paraphrased from the PeaceCorps Cambodia Cookbook :

Place a large pot (preferably thick) on the stove burner, and fill the bottom with sand.  Stick milk/soda tin can halves into the sand to support a baking pan.  Put the lid on the big pot and preheat.  Pour contents into the baking pan and place it on top of the tin cans.  This allows the air to circulate and prevents burning.  Cover and bake!  Record which burner settings work best in order to control the intensity of heat.

(2) Paraphrased from the Wycliffe International Cookbook :

Use a heavy skillet to bake bread, custards, souffles and casseroles.  Liberally grease the pan and sprinkle with cornmeal; or, line pan with banana skins or several layers of foil.  Cover with a lid.  If the bottom cooks faster than the top, place hot coals on top of the lid, or turn down the heat.

You can also use a pressure cooker to bake bread.  Grease the inside of a baking pan, and fit it loosely inside a pressure cooker with 1-inch space around the edges and at least 3 inches lower than the lid.  After allowing to rise one time, punch down bread dough and place inside rack in cooker; add 1 inch of warm water to the cooker.  After the dough rises a second time, heat the cooker.  Lower heat if necessary and process 8 minutes at 15 pounds pressure for 5-6 inch round loaf, or longer for a larger size.  Allow cooker to cool before removing the lid.  Finished bread should feel firm on the top.

* * *

What ideas have you tried??  Any great solar oven designs?




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