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Homemade Free Weights (Dumbbells)

I recently decided (as I often do) that I should get some more exercise.  Specifically, exercise that doesn’t involve people staring at me, and in which I can wear whatever I want.  Which basically involves me and a DVD at home.  I dug up this fabulous circuit workout a friend gave me that’s supposed to make you all toned and fit in 30 days (we’ll see about that…), but realized I didn’t have the required free weights.

No dumbbells in this town, but I did have some:

– PVC scrap tubes and caps (I’m pretty sure you can find this stuff almost anywhere)

– Sandpaper to smooth the PVC scraps, and PVC glue

– Wet sand to fill the tubes with (mine ended up at a wimpy 2 pounds each, but it’s a start!)

And voila:

Posted by Daphne | Cambodia


One thought on “Homemade Free Weights (Dumbbells)

  1. Ooh, very creative!

    I made bar bells in Ghana with concrete & 1 qt paint cans, but they ended up too heavy or too light depending on the exercise.

    These look very usable. The question is: how long will you keep going? 😉

    Posted by Chuck Norton | October 23, 2011, 9:16 am

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