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Super Healthy Tropical Eating

For those of you living in tropical areas, there are loads of fruits and vegetables that are ridiculously good for you!

As part of my work here in Cambodia, I recently compiled a list of tropical fruits and vegetables and their nutritional value.  These are all widely available here, though of course the list will vary depending on your location.

You can use this document to plant or buy foods to keep you healthy while overseas.  Look for ones rich in Vitamin A, which protects against infection!  Basically, anything with dark green leaves and/or orange flesh is excellent.  Among the most nutritious of all: amaranth leaves, moringa leaves, mustard greens, kale, papaya, pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potato.

Nutritional Value of Cambodian Crops

And let me know if you have other suggestions and/or information to add to this document!!



One thought on “Super Healthy Tropical Eating

  1. This is great!!! Keep up the good work! Many of us, I think, live vicariously through you!!! : )

    Posted by Rick Granger | September 21, 2011, 10:11 am

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