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Cream Cheese (kind of)

Yet another delicious, but so-hard-to-be-found item.  And of course, the perfect compliment to your home-made bagels.  Keep in mind that it’s not really cream cheese.  It’s kind-of-cream-cheese : )

This is about as easy as it gets:

(1) Put a cup of yogurt into the middle of some cheese cloth.  Alternatively, you could use any piece of thin woven cloth, or a coffee filter.

(2) Hang the cheese cloth over a bowl or elevated inside a glass/jar to catch the liquid that will drain out.  I didn’t have cheese cloth until recently, so I just set a coffee filter inside a sieve, and then placed that on top of a bowl. The point is, you will need space for the liquid in the yogurt to drip into a catchment container below.

(3) I left this dripping contraption on our counter for about 4 hours to “ripen” a bit, then placed it in the fridge the rest of the time.  You can experiment with this, depending on how hot your room is!  I let my yogurt drip for about 12 hours total (over night, so it was ready for bagels in the morning).

(4) When as much liquid as possible has drained out, you’re left with rich, thick “cheese”!

(5) Add some flavorings, if you want.  I added a bit of garlic and chives to ours.


Daphne | Cambodia



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