About The Home Away

The Home Away blog was conceived as a place for people living overseas to share ideas. When you move away from home, you often do not have access to the same resources and ingredients you once had.  This requires some creativity to not just cope with a new context, but to thrive and make your new place feel like home!  For me, living overseas does not mean forgetting about my home, nor does it mean dwelling so much on home that I fail to get to know a new place.

The goal of this blog is to share ideas that both celebrate our home traditions as well as the new ones we are discovering all over the world!

This blog relies on the ideas YOU are excited about and want to share!

Here are some ideas to get you rolling:

  • Recipes that use local ingredients (palm sugar?) that may be new to you…
  • Ways to stay healthy while living overseas…when there’s no gym in town…
  • Creative ideas for language-learning and communicating well…
  • Recipes that remind you of home but require substituting hard-to-find ingredients (ice-cream, anyone?)…
  • Making things for babies & kids that are often expensive or hard to find overseas…
  • Growing your own vegetables…
  • How to deal with those endless hot tropical days…
  • Ideas for ingredient substitutions when your town doesn’t sell butter, or milk, or eggs, or…

Enjoy the ideas!  And look forward to hearing from you : )



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