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Cream Cheese (kind of)

Yet another delicious, but so-hard-to-be-found item.  And of course, the perfect compliment to your home-made bagels.  Keep in mind that it’s not really cream cheese.  It’s kind-of-cream-cheese : ) This is about as easy as it gets: (1) Put a cup of yogurt into the middle of some cheese cloth.  Alternatively, you could use any … Continue reading

Dill Pickle Craving

The pregnancy stereotypes are true: I want pickles (though not with ice-cream)!  And not just any pickles.  I want dill pickles.  Of course, there are none to be found in our town.  There are, however, mounds and mounds (quite literally) of little pickling-perfect cucumbers at our market.  So I bought a few to experiment with … Continue reading

Baby Wipes

Home-made baby wipes are surprisingly easy to make! It beats buying packs of wipes every other week or so (no Superstore or Costco where I can buy bulk here in Cambodia), and since we’re using cloth diapers, there isn’t any extra work involved. We just toss the wipes and the diapers into the same pail. We’re washing … Continue reading

Raised Vegetable Planter

Raised planters to grow vegetables or herbs in are great for several reasons: they keep your plants out of reach of dogs and chickens and whatever else is wandering around your place, you can move them into varying shades of sun/shade, you can use them if you don’t have a yard for a garden, and … Continue reading

Super Healthy Tropical Eating

For those of you living in tropical areas, there are loads of fruits and vegetables that are ridiculously good for you! As part of my work here in Cambodia, I recently compiled a list of tropical fruits and vegetables and their nutritional value.  These are all widely available here, though of course the list will … Continue reading

Milk Canisters

There’s a lot that you can do with all those used up milk powder cans.  I was already using mine to store things like kitchen utensils, but was inspired by my friend Amanda to turn them into something pretty: Here’s what you’ll need: mod podge + paper (already decorated, or decorate your own) A word … Continue reading

Easy Asian Herb Garden

It’s surprisingly easy to create a little herb garden, even if you live in a city, and even if you’ve never grown anything before.  The following herbs are easy to find in Asia, and may be available in other parts of the world as well.  So, here is the step-by-step for growing basil, mint, lemongrass … Continue reading

Tropical Gnocchi

A few months ago we had dinner with our foodie friends Steve & Jodi, and were very impressed with the delicious gnocchi they dished up for us.  It was maybe the 2nd time in my entire life I’d ever even eaten it.  So, we decided to try making our own.  This recipe is time-intensive, but … Continue reading


From the Community Guide to Environmental Health | Hesperian Foundation (2008)

Easy Mango Jam

Mangoes apparently have enough natural pectin in them that you don’t need to add any to make your own mango jam.  This recipe makes about 4-5 jars of jam. Chop up about 3 kilos of ripe mango (~15 medium mangos) Add 3/4 to 1 cup of palm sugar paste (or whatever sugar you want) Cook … Continue reading

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