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Milk Canisters

There’s a lot that you can do with all those used up milk powder cans.  I was already using mine to store things like kitchen utensils, but was inspired by my friend Amanda to turn them into something pretty: Here’s what you’ll need: mod podge + paper (already decorated, or decorate your own) A word … Continue reading


From the Community Guide to Environmental Health | Hesperian Foundation (2008)

Baking sans Oven

Here are two suggestions I came across recently for baking without an oven… (1) Paraphrased from the PeaceCorps Cambodia Cookbook : Place a large pot (preferably thick) on the stove burner, and fill the bottom with sand.  Stick milk/soda tin can halves into the sand to support a baking pan.  Put the lid on the … Continue reading


Check out these money-saving tips from the Why Travel When You Can Live There blog!

Food Invasions {ants+weevils}

First, how to get rid of ants from a package of food once they’ve claimed it as their own: Take whatever the package is and pour its contents on a sheet of wax paper (or whatever else you can find – even a plate will work). Leave it in direct sunlight for 15 minutes while … Continue reading

Ant Cups

When we lived in Thailand ant cups were a must.  They are double cup: in the outside cup you put water, and in the inside cup goes the table leg or chair leg.  If where you are living doesn’t have ant cups, this is how we made our own. Get a bowl and a cup … Continue reading

Keeping Water Cool

Here is a little tip to keep your water cool in a hot place where these is no such thing as fridges – wrap your water container in wet cloth. Here in Sudan we like to put wet socks around our water bottles. The transformation from lukewarm to cool water is simply magic. – Posted … Continue reading

Cockroach Control

I don’t do well with cockroaches, so I like to do whatever I can to keep them away.  One thing that has helped is tucking bay leaves here and there.  Also, when they do invade, a squirt bottle of really soapy water sometimes does a better job of killing them than Raid if you don’t want … Continue reading

Screened-In Patio

The bugs can be ruthless here, especially at night.  We sleep under a mosquito net, so it only made sense to try rigging one up outside on our porch to create a screened-in patio of sorts.  Just like those fancy ones in Florida… Posted by Daphne | Prey Veng, Cambodia

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