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Yogurt-Making Incubator

…to keep things cozy warm in your yogurt-making. *** Submitted by Daphne | Prey Veng, Cambodia Advertisements

Life-Saving Ice Cream

Maybe that’s hyperbole.  Or maybe not, if you love ice-cream as much as I do.  And also if your only not-so-regularly-available ice-cream oozes a yellow, chemical-smelling oil when it begins to melt. So, here it is.  A recipe given to me by a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauritania  8 years ago, which I have since … Continue reading

Yogurt & Granola

I’m a big, big fan of cereal.  Any kind really.  But as you may have noticed, a box of the stuff seems to run at about $6 a pop away from home.  Cambodia is also pretty void of any dairy industry.  So, with some powdered milk and phnom-penh-grocery-store ingredients, this homemade yogurt and granola combo … Continue reading

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